Fire Detection & Alarm System

A full range of addressable and conventional fire detection systems, beam detection, aspiration system, gas detection systems, extinguishing aerosol system, flame detectors and power supply units. We apply the latest science and Engineering code and standard of NFPA.

Fire Detection & Alarm System

  • Ulcf 3000 Series
  • (2nd Floor Loop 200 Device per Loop)
  • Ul Listed Certificate Panel and Panel

Our ul range has multiple options for intelligent addressable sensors. All sensors are designed for optimum functionality in mid-large sized builds. They are all soft addressed and have integral short circuit isolators.

Addressable Sensor base UCAB300 Specifically designed for use with all of Our UL Addressable Sensors, The UCAB Base will be used in all builds.

Optical Smoke Sensor ULCAP320 Fastest Response to Slow Burning or Smoldering Fire Which Give rise to Large Visible Smoke Particles.

Photo-Thermal SensorULCAPT340 Responds Quickly to Fast Clean Burning Fires. Maintains The Advantage of Optical Sensors When Detecting Shouldering Fires.

Heat Sensor ULCAH330 Environments Where the Ambient Conditions Might Cause False Alarms with Smoke Detectors Areas with High Levels of Dust or Fumes.

Pull Stations The Addressable Pull Stations Are Constructed of High Quality, Die Cast Metal for Long Lasting Performance. The Range Consists of The UL Listed MPS Range of Pull Stations.

Horns and Strobes

Horns and Strobes Our UL Range Incorporates a Variety of Audio and Visual Notification Devices. Each Device has up to 48% Savings in Current Draw Compared to Similar Products.

Reflective Beam Smoke Detector Loop powered reflective beam detectors are available in this range of 50 to 100 meters.

Micro single channel output Units ULMCOM Suitable for Switching Low Voltage & Switching HVAC Control Circuits, Plant Shutdown Control Circuits, and Fire Door Closure Etc.

Micro Single Channel Input Unit ULMCIM Suitable for monitoring a set of Normally Open, Sprinkler System Flow Switches and auxiliary Panel Fire, flow valve open contacts, generator start up, fire door closed etc.

Micro zone Monitor Unit ULMIU872 the Micro Zone Monitor Unit (ULMIU872) is Suitable for Monitor zone of up to 20 UL Applications Conventional Detectors.

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