Fire Separation Gypsum Wall & Ceiling

STL Fire stop Gypsum Knowledge, Technology, Systems STL has the most ULĀ® Classified building joints systems for static and dynamic applications. User driven products and designs provide the correct tested system for your application. While some manufacturers rely on risky engineering judgments, STL offers tested solutions!

Fire Separation (Gypsum)

Fire Concealed Ceiling by Gypsum Plasterboard Stonytrack Concealed Ceiling System Featuring Fire Rated Gypsum Plasterboard Which Provides up to 2 Hour Fire Protection, Commonly Used with Services above the Ceiling.

Fire Separation Wall by Gypsum Plasterboard Stonytrack Fire Separation Solution Provides 2-3 Hours Fire Protraction’s that is fast and Simple to Erect, Providing Robust Fire Walls. The Systems also provide Smooth Seamless Surfaces Which Can Be Decorated by Using Most Proprietary Finishes.

Gypsum Wall & Ceiling Accessories

U-Track Frame | Jointing Plaster | C-Stud Frame | Main T33 M24 | T-Bar Wall Angle
Fixing Bracket ML 75 | Hanging Rods | Expansion Bolts | Soffit Cleat | Glass Wool
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