Fire Standpipe Hydrant & Fire Sprinkler

Fire protection engineering products and services, using an integrated approach for water base fire protection by standpipe, hydrant and sprinkler system. We apply the latest science and engineering code and standard of NFPA, identify the risks and examine multiple mitigation options on each project.

Fire Standpipe Hydrant System

Fire Pump Set

Stony Track Ltd. has been supplying solutions for fire safety last couple of year with success. Our service to the industry includes long-standing relationships with end customer as well as re-sealer. Stony Track solutions are certified by UL, FM and ULC and LPCB.

Stony Track Fire Safety solutions are the preferred choice for many sectors including RMG Sector, Hospital, Commercial, Industrial and Houses.

  1. ­ Applications: Fire-protection of buildings and other built infrastructure.
  2. ­ Description: The End Suction Pump, Horizontal Split-Case (HSC) and Vertical Turbine Pump (VTP) Fire Pak offering features the full range of fire pumps, electric or diesel-driven, jockey, and controller. All mounted, piped, and wired on a base at the factory.
  3. ­Materials Metal base, piping, pump, and control panel; switchgear; electric motor/ diesel engine.
  4. ­Configuration Optional features include jockey pump, jockey pump controller city by-pass loop, flow meter loop, main relief valve plus waste cone, and diesel fuel tank. 50 Hz electric versions.
  5. ­ Performance range: 100 – 3000 USgpm; 50 – 150 Meter Head
Engine Driven Fire Pump | Motor Driven Fire Pump | Jockey Pump

Fire Pump Valve & Accessories

When a fire breaks out, STL understands that nothing can interfere with proper water flow. This is why our Fire

Protection Control Valves are designed to work at emergency full-flow. Coupled with a complete line of high performance listed and approved valves, STL is the brand of choice for professionals in the fire protection industry. Rely on us for basic valve (OS&Y, Butterfly, and ball), non-return/check, deluge, pressure control, relief, automatic level control, and remote-control valves.

OS & Y Gate Valve | Y Strainer Valve | Check/Non-Return Valve | Flexible Joint | Main Pressure Relief Valve
Ball Valve | pressure gauge | Flow Meter | Landing Valve | Vortex-Inhibitor

Fire Hydrant Standpipe System

A Standpipe is a type of rigid water piping which is built into multi-story buildings in a vertical position, to which fire hoses can be connected, allowing manual application of water to the fire. Within buildings standpipes thus serve the same purpose as fire hydrants.

Well maintained fire standpipe systems are highly reliable and provide people protection as well as property protection. STL specializes in Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Fire Standpipe, Hydrant and Sprinkler Systems.

Pillar Hydrant | Hydrant Hose Nozzle | Hydrant Hose Cabinet

Fire Sprinkler System

Find valves and fittings approved for pressure-rated fire sprinkler systems. Broad selection of valves including butterfly, gate, ball, angle, globe and check, in addition to indicator posts. The promise of quality is backed by the Stony Track warranty, service expertise, and selection assistance. Spec a job, find your distributor, get catalogs and submittals, place and track your order.

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Sprinkler Fittings | Grooved Fitting | Zone Control Valve
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