Fire Stop Foam

Abesco FP200 FR Expanding Foam is a Single pack fire rated polyurethane expanding foam, and is designed compartment to another through construction joints, gaps and voids or openings for service penetrations in Fire rated wall and floors, and provides up to 4 hours fire resistance.

FP200 FR Expanding Foam
  • Extremely Versatile Solution
  • CFC Free
  • Extremely Fill Capabilities
  • Very Easy to Install and Finish
  • Excellent Smoke and Draft Seal Capabilities
  • Sound Dampening Capabilities
  • Paintable and Stainable
  • Easily Trimmed After Curing
  • Excellent Adhesion to most Building Substrates
  • Unaffected by moisture or Humidity When cured
  • Cures to Provide a Strong Semi-rigid Seal Technical Datasheet

Testing and Performance Data

Tested in Accordance With the methodology and Criteria

Described in:

BS 476-20 (up to 4 hours)

EN 1366-3 (up to 4 hours)

ASTM E-814/UL 1479

ASTM E-84 (Flame 10, Smoke 35)

ASTM E-662 | ASTM E-162

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