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Bristol Fire Pump Set


Bristol supplies Fully Engineered Fire Fighting Packaged systems from simplest Single pump system to the most complex Multi- pump system mounted on single skid. In this, Main fire pumps, Jockey pumps, controllers and all accessories are mounted on Single skid.



  • Bristol packaged pump set supplied with single Skid Fully designed based on Load calculations along Lifting points based on Centre of gravity
  • Highly Engineered and constructed in accordance with NFPA20
  • Our Dedicated Engineering team design packages to your projectspecifications and requirements following to International standards
  • Bristol cost competitive Packaged pump set save your space and time as they Engineered accurately to fit the specified area. Only Power & Pipe connection to be made at site & system is ready for use
  • Bristol packaged pump sets are Factory tested as per stringent International standards
  • All parts are designed based on Ergonomic consideration so that ease of accessing all instrument, valves, fittings etc
  • These sets are supplied with complete Electrical connections and piping’s which includes Suction line, Discharge line, Test line, PRV line, Sensing line, Fuel In & outlet, pump Drain, Sensing line drain, Engine drain, CRV drain etc.


All piping’s are in accordance with customer requirements & following to NFPA requirement supported within Skid.

These are meticulously manufactured fire pump Packages provide reliable and trust- worthy service in Fire Fighting Application.


Operating Range:

Flow: Up to 5500 GPM

Pressure: 40Mtr to 200Mtr